Sullivan, Louis Henry (1856-1924), Arquiteto norte-americano:

Edifício Wainwright (1890-1891);
Schlesinger & Mayer Department Store (1903-1904) em Chicago, nos EUA.

Louis Henry Sullivan was born in Boston in 1856. His parents moved to Chicago in 1872 but Sullivan stayed behind to study for a year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's architectural program -- the first in the nation. Dropping out to practice architecture, Sullivan worked in Philadelphia with Frank Furness and then with William Le Baron Jenney in Chicago. Feeling he needed more classroom time, Sullivan spent another year at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1874. In Rome, Renaissance art sent Sullivan's imagination soaring, and the young traveler decided he should emulate Michelangelo's spirit of creation rather than imitate the styles of earlier periods.
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